Lost Keys

What to do when you’ve lost your keys

Losing a set of keys is a very frustrating dilemma that everyone faces at some point in the life. Next to locking your own keys in the car while you are miles away from home, losing a set of car keys is probably the worst feeling in the world.

Not knowing where or how the key chain slipped from your possession along with not having any idea where to start looking for a missing set of keys can be very heartbreaking. While there is a slim possibility that the lost key chain and remote entry will be turned into some lost and found bin, the probability of finding lost keys outside of the home is very slim.

However, just because a set of keys is gone does not mean that they cannot be replaced. Most people do have and extra set of keys that their spouse of loved one carries and can be called out in a lost key emergency to ensure that you get home safely with your car and belongings. But even after being rescued, there is still a concern about replacing the missed keys. While many hardware stores can cut additional copies of house and car keys, there is still the problem of finding a remote key replacement to use with the keyless entry system of the vehicle.

Car dealers charge over $100 for replacement key remotes and may charge an additional fee to program the replacement keyless entry fob once you have purchased it. However, there is a better way to buy a remote key replacement. By searching online for replacement keyless entry systems it is possible to find a suitable replacement keyless entry remote for a lot less than the car dealers charge for the same item. Ranging between $25 and $50, depending upon the year, make, and model of the ca,r a lost keyless entry remote can be replaced and programmed to meet the specific signals for gaining access to your car once more.

Of course you will still have to take the remote key replacement to the dealership to be programmed, but you can save anywhere from $60 on up to $100 or more depending upon the type of car that you drive. While you will most likely have to pay a service charge for the dealership to reprogram your replacement keyless entry you can know that the old one wherever it is will be deactivated at the time that you restore the new remote key replacement to the signal codes of the vehicle. So there is some peace of mind in knowing that while a set of keys is gone for good, no one else can use your remote to gain access to your vehicle.